Film Analysis

Gas Permeability Tester

GDP-C - Gas Permeability Tester

... is designed for testing the permeability of films. It supports an extended temperature range through external water bath circulator.

Heat-Sealing Mashine

HSG-CC - Heat-Sealing Mashine

... is designed for testing the heat sealability of films. The pair of sealing jaws is easy to change and the temperature can be individually set.

Universal Tensile Tester

VNG-E - Universal Tensile Tester

... is especially designed for testing films. This tester is used to determine the bond strength, seam strength and the friction of packaging materials.

Flex Durability Tester

KFT-C - Flex Durability Tester

... is used for simulating a creasing strain to films according to Gelbo Flex Testing (ASTM F-392) to determine the flex durability.

Carrying Strength Testers

TPG-U - Carrying Strength Testers

... allows you to determine the strength of handles on packaging material, such as carrier bags. An up and down movement simulates the stress on handles.