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Auto Desiccator

Auto Desiccator

An average humidity which over 70%RH attracts the growth of mold and the increase on global temperature raise the rate of goods’ damage. All precious, goods and possessions are like staying in a stream room; however, a dry cabinet is considered the smartest invention to against the mold.

Features of dry cabinet
  • Fully microcomputer control, maintain the interior humidity to stay in 2-5%RH.
  • LED digital hygrometer is easy to read out interior temperature and humidity.
  • Memory function is available if power supply is cut off when switching on the cabinet.
  • The loeest humidity can be set as 20%RH for all type of cabinets; ultra-low humidity can reach to fewer than 5%RH. (Tolerance:±5%RH)
Features of dry unit
  • Rapid dehumidification
  • Low power consumption
  • 10 years lift span
  • Dry unit addition is available (depends on size of body)
  • Down to humidity value by 5% or less for ultra-low humidity model
  • Data Logger and curve recorder could be installed as option

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