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D6 PHASER - All-in-One Benchtop XRD It’s all you need


A new class of X-ray Diffractometers

The D6 PHASER is a groundbreaking benchtop XRD platform that combines operability and flexibility. Unlike traditional benchtop instruments, it offers advanced analytical methods beyond powder diffraction. With its wide range of applications.


The combination of the highest X-ray source-power on the market, small goniometer radius, the proven LYNXEYE detector family, and tailor-made beam optics outperform many floor-standing systems.

  • Up to 1.2 kW with internal cooling
  • Time-tested goniometer
  • Energy Discrimination with LYNXEYE XE-T detector
  • Optional motorized beam optics


D6 PHASER is the ability to adapt the system to a multitude of measurement types beyond basic powder diffraction, making it a truly universal stage for every experiment.

  • Reflection and transmission
  • Non-ambient diffraction
  • GID, XRR, Stress, Texture


No training is required. The users are guided through analytical methods in an intuitive way based on our easy-to-use software and extensive knowledge of XRD analytical methods, while assisted by affordable, automated accessories.

  • Dynamic Beam Optimization 
  • Touch panel operation
  • Stage and optics exchange

D6 PHASER Applications

XRD for Everything

No matter the sample form, the D6 PHASER can be equipped to measure it. From transmission measurements between foils or in capillaries, to bulk or mounted metallurgical samples to thin films and coatings. Sample holders and stage accessories are both affordable and easy to install, lowering the barrier for adaptation to new sample types.

XRD for Everyone

XRD is unique in its sensitivity to the fundamental form, not just the elemental identity of a material. As instruments like the D6 PHASER become available, wider adoption of the technique has been seen across markets and scientific disciplines. Obtaining reliable, high-quality XRD results no longer requires years of experience in the technique, allowing users to focus on their analytical area.

XRD for Everywhere

Benchtop solutions in the past were limited by their size. Power, versatility, and accessibility all limited the types of measurements that could be performed to classic powder diffraction or limited “advanced” functions. The D6 PHASER was designed to perform a wide variety of measurements while producing uncompromising results.

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