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How do centrifuges function? They use centrifugal force that is derived through rotational movement to separate mixtures. A requirement here is a sufficiently large difference in density of the constituents.

Centrifuges are used in industrial facilities for production and quality assurance purposes, in research facilities and in medical laboratories for diagnostic purposes or to isolate blood constituents.
Benchtop centrifuges are highly versatile. These robust centrifuges can hold virtually all types of centrifugation vessel and achieve excellent sedimentation results with them.

Benchtop centrifuges vary in their capacity and performance. Hettich offers the optimal solution for every application. Centrifuges with a maximum capacity of 4 x 100 ml, such as the ROTOFIX 32 A, the UNIVERSAL 320 or the refrigerated UNIVERSAL 320 R  are basic components of every laboratory.

If, however, there are special tasks, such as those arising in genetic research, virology and bacteriology, then larger models are recommended with the capability of complex centrifugation runs. The ROTINA models, such as the efficient ROTINA 380 and the refrigerated ROTINA 380 R are characterised by their high safety standard. The ROTINA 420 and the refrigerated ROTINA 420 R are high-performance models as well as being economical in use.
The ROTANTA 460 and the refrigerated ROTANTA 460 R can be used to substantially reduce centrifugation times thanks to their advanced design. The ROTOFIX 46 and its heatable counterpart the ROTOFIX 46 H are particularly suitable for applications in research and industrial laboratories.

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