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Biological Safety Cabinet


Biological Safety Cabinet

Labculture® Class II Type B2 (Total Exhaust) Biosafety Cabinet (E-Series)
Operator, Product, and Environmental protection against Microbiological Agents and Chemical Fumes

Incorporating all the latest design features available on Esco's NSF-listed Labculture® Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet, Esco Labculture? Class II Type B2 biosafety cabinets are designed to provide operator, product, and environmental protection in experiments where recirculation of filtered air is prohibited, most likely due to the presence of chemical fumes emitted during the process.

Chemical fumes cannot be captured by the filters and will be harmful to the operator if re-circulated in the laboratory space. Hence, Class II Type B2 cabinets have to be ducted to an external blower for total exhaust. Similar in design to the Class II Type A2 cabinet, Type B2 cabinet is suitable for experiment involving work assigned into any biosafety containment level.

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