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Thanks to HighSense technology the S8 TIGER Series 2 WDXRF spectrometer delivers for all elements accuracy and precision for industrial quality and process control.

With high resolving WDXRF technology and optimal detection of light, medium and heavy elements based on the new HighSense beam path, the XRF2 mapping tool of the S8 TIGER Series delivers best sensitivity, smallest spot size, and highest resolution for small spot applications.

Ergonomic and failsafe operation are vital for efficiency and best analytical data. Simple, intuitive start of samples are guaranteed with the multilingual TouchControl interface.

HighSense Technology

The S8 TIGER Series 2 comes with the revolutionary HighSense™ technology for WDXRF. It offers an exceptional linear dynamic range enabling higher precision levels for process and quality control in cement, minerals, mining, metals, glass, and ceramics.

XRF2 Small spot mapping

The S8 TIGER Series 2 features XRF2 small spot mapping which provides detailed maps of the elemental distribution in materials. With a 300µm spot size, XRF2 offers the highest resolution available in a WDXRF instrument.

EZ Ergo - Easy Operation

The S8 TIGER Series 2 comes with intuitive and failsafe operation based on the new multilingual TouchControl interface. With EasyLoad it is designed for high sample throughput. Optimal instrument uptime and low cost of operation are ensured with the unique SampleCare feature - simply EZ Ergo.

Minerals, Mining, Geology, Cement

The S8 TIGER Series 2 is the ideal WDXRF instrument for geological monitoring covering almost the entire periodic table. With its unrivalled analytical flexibility it detects major elements and traces in one run. With the selection of high resolution analyzer crystals, such as the LiF 220 and the high intensity crystal XS-400, it enables geologists to get the entire information they need.

At the same time the S8 TIGER Series 2 provides outstanding performance and analytical precision for process control in base metal mining and for industrial minerals: With its HighSense detector technology with up to 2 Mio cps it delivers the precision process engineers need. Low cost of operation, instrument uptime (SampleCare) and ease of use with EZ Ergo (TouchControl, EasyLoad) optimal productivity is ensured.

The S8 TIGER comes with the specialized series of GEO-QUANT solutions for mining and geological applications:

  • GEO-QUANT T for traces
  • GEO-QUANT BASIC for major and minor elements
  • GEO-QUANT ADVANCED for wide element ranges
  • GEO-QUANT Iron Ore with ISO 9516 compliance

The S8 TIGER Series 2 is the perfect choice for the laboratories in cement plants: With HighSense WDXRF technology and the specialized analyzer crystal XS-CEM it delivers the precision for all process materials (raw materials, raw mix, clinker, hot meal, cement) and secondary materials (blast furnace slags, AFR’s). Special requirements, such as trace element detection in alternative fuels and green eco cement or sulfur speciation is done easily with the S8 TIGER Series 2.

CEMENT-QUANT is the perfect solution with the S8 TIGER Series 2. It delivers ASTM C-114 or ISO 29581 performance from the start for all cement types. GEO-QUANT BASIC works perfect for all raw materials and GEO-QUANT T rounds up the setup for heavy metal free eco cements.

Petrochemistry, Refinery, Polymers

There is no better instrument than the S8 TIGER Series 2 for all petrochemical WDXRF applications. Safe liquid sample handling with DirectLoading, SampleCare and automatic liquid sample detection high instrument uptime is guaranteed.

The low temperature tube head and atmospheric helium mode are enabling even the safe analysis of volatile samples, such as fuels and the detection limit of sulfur in gasoline with 0.2 ppm (100s @ 4kW with XS-GE-C) calls for world record! Two helium modes and the small sample chamber are the main reasons for the unique low cost of operation – the maximum mileage with one bottle of helium!

The leading WDXRF solution PETRO-QUANT enables accurate trace analysis of more than 30 elements in fuels, oils, used engine oils, fat and any other hydrocarbon matrix. If standard compliant analysis is required, no problem, our norm packages are simply added to PETRO-QUANT:

  1. ASTM: D 2622, D 6443, D 5059
  2. EN ISO: 14596, 14597, 15597, 20884
  3. DIN: 13723, 51363, 51391, 51399, 51431, 51790
    And many more

The analysis of impurities in virgin polymers at sub-ppm level or additives in filled plastics up to several % - all this is mastered with the S8 TIGER Series 2. Catalysts with best precision and quick monitoring of toys for toxic elements is done with a simple touch on the TouchControl interface – the analytical performance of the S8 TIGER Series 2 is on spot for all these tasks. With the low-temperature-tube head long measurement times for traces at sub-ppm level or the high precision analysis with the XS series crystals the results of all polymers are quickly available.

POLYMER-QUANT A is the ready-to-analyze solution for the analysis of typical elements in polymers, such as Mg, Al or Zn. RoHS-QUANT ABS provides an exclusive set of calibration samples for WEEE/RoHS compliance testing. Complicated applications are made easy with the S8 TIGER Series 2.


Quality and process control of all relevant materials in metal production is a straight-forward job with the S8 TIGER Series 2. Based on HighSense technology it provides a maximum intensity to achieve best counting statistics for all important elements. TouchControl and EasyLoad enables operators an intuitive, failsafe operation. A plus on precision and instrument uptime comes with the DirectLoading of the S8 TIGER.

The S8 TIGER Series 2 provides the analytical flexibility one need for all materials ranging from metals, refractories, additives and slags. At the same time different sample types – solids, pressed pellets, fused beads and liquids (oils) are handled safely and quickly.

METAL-QUANT enables users to get the S8 TIGER Series immediately into operation without long calibration work covering wide material ranges. The dedicated SLAG-QUANT delivers quick control of all slag materials in the laboratory.

MLplus is the ideal software for the analysis of single and multiple layers on metals, no matter if anti-corrosion- systems or decorative finishing it enables the analysis of layer composition and thickness in the nm – mm range. Setup seems too complicated – no problem, the simulation mode of MLplus helps to define even difficult applications without any prior measurement.

Research & Development, Academia

The S8 TIGER Series 2 is the ideal WDXRF instrument to serve scientist in R&D and academia solving the most challenging tasks. With HighSense technology, its unrivalled analytical flexibility and the optimal conditions for light elements the S8 TIGER Series proves to deliver spot on results! The unique analyzer crystals are extending the application range of WDXRF:

  • The XS-N HS provides two times more sensitivity compared to traditional optics
  • The XS-C enables better detection limits by reducing the background by 30%

QUANT-EXPRESS fully integrated standard solution extends the analytical flexibility when adding elements to user calibrated applications. An easy way to master non-routine challenges!

XRF2 small spot mapping with 300 nm spot size and 100 nm step size enables small spot mapping with best light element sensitivity of WDXRF, optimal resolution better than EDXRF and better detection limits for heavy elements due to the HighSense optics. An indispensable tool for archaeology, batteries, electronics and new materials!

MLplus is the ideal software for the analysis of single and multiple layers on semiconductors and new materials. It enables the analysis of layer composition and thickness in the nm – mm range. The simulation mode of MLplus helps to define even new applications without any prior measurement. Based on the advanced light element performance with HighSense beam path and the XS Series crystals even complicated multilayer systems can be analyzed – more accurate and more precise!

Elemental Analysis & Metrology for Powder Metallurgy

Elemental Analysis & Metrology for Powder Metallurgy

The S8 TIGER is the most versatile tool available for advanced elemental analysis in both industry production and research. This high-performance wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is analyzing almost the entire periodic table.


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