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EPR: microESR

microESR: The Portable Research-Grade Instrument

The microESR is a small, portable research grade instrument. The spectrometer has a mass of only 10 kg and a 30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm3 foot print. It can easily fit in a fume hood or glove box, or be transported to the field. It requires no special installation or regular maintenance.
The microESR is also an ideal teaching tool for undergraduate chemistry labs. This instrument enables classroom demonstrations of both simple topics such as free radicals in everyday life to far less intuitive subjects including electron density, spin-orbit coupling, spin-spin exchange, and forbidden transitions. The Education Package is a very good investment for Chemistry Departments as there are a wide range of labs and subjects that can be addressed with the microESR.
  • Operating Frequency: X-Band
  • Continuous Wave
  • Field Sweep Range: 500 G centered at g=2
  • Spectrum simulation and fitting
  • Easily run samples at liquid nitrogen temperature

microESR is a small, portable research grade instrument


Reaction kinetics, free radical chemistry, catalysts, DNP


Free radicals in polymers and polymerization, petrochemistry, thermoxidative breakdown of lubricants and fuel, real time analysis of additives, antioxidants in lubricants and fuels.

Materials Science

Polymer degradation


Spin labeling, spin trapping, nitric oxides, ROS and RNS
Edible Oil Oxidation Monitoring with the microESR

Edible Oil Oxidation Monitoring with the microESR

The assay uses the microESR (electron spin resonance) benchtop spectrometer to measure free radical formation in the oil.The radical adduct is easily observed by ESR. The concentration of radical adducts formed relates to the oxidative resistance of edible oil.


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