AA & ICP Spectrometer

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer


Inductively Couple Plasma Spectrometer 









Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AA)

       Simplifies even the most complicated analyses. Superior double beam optics provide outstanding performance, while the innovative hardware and software design ensures that running samples, developing methods and maintaining the instrument is easy.

• Compact design, small footprint
• Enhanced, user-friendly software with complete Wizard-driven interface
• Exceptional flame sensitivity—achieved by high-efficiency nebulization through a fully inert spray chamber
• Finned universal titanium burner ensures exceptional atomization, even with difficult samples
• Quadline background correction
• Fully automated gas box ensures safe, reliable and repeatable analysis with all flame types

       The Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) is a tool used in the analysis of trace elements (metal element) in the test sample by using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, which is the process by which atoms are free atom of the element absorbed light at the wavelength level. one particular element depends on the element. Because each element has a different level of energy is the energy absorbed differently. Energy of elements tailored to the unique properties of the elements that makes the electrons. Transitions from the ground state to an excited state.








Inductively Couple Plasma Spectrometer (ICP)

       Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) emission spectrometry is an accepted and powerful technique for the analysis and quantification of trace elements in both liquid and solid samples.

Experience Powerful Performance

• High efficiency optical design enables simultaneous analysis of 66 elements with detection limits at less than 1 ppb
• Unique CID camera technology provides wide dynamic range and resistance to saturation
• Distributed optical purge significantly reduces gas consumption to enable the most cost efficient sample analysis
• Powerful Fullframe technology for fingerprinting and retrospective analysis. 

Experience Optimized Productivity

• Unique EMT Torch technology enables routine maintenance operations without switching off the plasma
• Intelligent hardware setup and source optimization tools automate the method development process
• High transmittance optical design enables simultaneous multi-element analyses in less than 20 seconds per sample
• Intelligent software tools auto-optimize the sample introduction system for enhanced sample throughput capability. 

Experience Uncompromised Versatility

• Fully integrated accessories for gas, liquid & solid sample introduction
• Dedicated radial and duo plasma view configurations for uncompromised analytical performance enabling instrument configurations to be tailored to your applications
• Modular software provides options for simplicity, enhanced accessory flexibility and regulatory compliance
• Customizable reporting templates provide unrivalled flexibility for data publishing and export.